Weather-Proof Your Home Using uPVC Doors & Windows

Weather-Proof Your Home Using uPVC Doors & Windows

In many regions, people wait for the monsoon season, as it relieves them from the scorching summer heat. However, homeowners begin to stress about certain problems that come along with monsoons. One of the major issues is that the rainy season does harm to their living spaces. From swollen doors and windows to water seepage due to heavy rains, there are so many concerns. If not checked on time, these problems can become undesirable to your home aesthetics, as well as its foundation.

All Doors & Windows don’t Work Well Against Extreme Weather & Heavy Wind 

Did you know that the wind load factor goes high as the building increases in height? The wind load impact varies from floor to floor. It is highly dangerous on the top levels of a building. The old buildings can barely make it past the 7th or 8th floor. Therefore, the growing buildings around us need more tenacious and lighter materials for construction. Even the windows and doors need higher endurance to withstand extreme weather and wind conditions.

uPVC is Here to Rescue

uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) is a tenacious, lightweight and high-performance material. It also bears extreme insulation properties. Therefore, uPVC window doors are considered the best alternative to troublesome and sloppy conventional doors and windows. Here’s why uPVC windows and doors are considered the best solution for weather-proofing your home:

1. uPVC does not Swell or Distort 

Looking for new doors and windows? You must opt for uPVC profiles over timber. For, uPVC doors and windows don’t swell or distort in the rainy season. These profiles also ensure proper sealing and zero gaps. In short, uPVC windows and doors prevent rainwater from entering your house and distorting it.

2. uPVC Profiles are Weather-proof

Both uPVC windows and doors are weatherproof. So, these profiles don’t let extreme weather harm your home interior. To monsoon-proof your abode, you may choose wind-resistant doors and windows. The best thing about these profiles is that they are even resistant to harsh storms and high-speed winds. You need to know that uPVC is a sturdy material. It means their profiles remain as it is for a longer duration. So, choosing these doors and windows to weather-proof your home is the right step. Also Read:  Top 5 Benefits of Getting UPVC Windows for Your Home

3. uPVC Windows and Doors are Termite Proof

Whether you choose uPVC casement windows/doors or any other style, all these are termite-proof. Unlike wooden windows and doors, uPVC profiles won’t be affected by termites in the rainy season. These profiles also come with built-in mesh, so the insects will also remain outside your home. Meanwhile, you can provide proper ventilation to your abode.

4. uPVC is Durable

Both uPVC doors and windows are highly durable. Since their shape remains intact for many years, they are likely to protect your home for a long duration. Furthermore, there is no fading, flaking and rotting. This means you can choose any desired uPVC windows colours, ensuring there won’t be any fading or rotting. If it is not enough, you will be happy to know that uPVC profiles offer maximum thermal comfort. Plus, these don\’t chip or corrode. All thanks to these characteristics, uPVC profiles are perfect to weather-proof your house.


If you are seeking a holistic solution to conventional fenestration woes, uPVC windows and doors won’t disappoint you. Besides offering unbeatable protection and safety to your homes, uPVC profiles come in various colours and finishes. So, you can choose them in any desired style to amp up the look of your property. These profiles are also eco-friendly. Plus, these profiles keep your abode away from pollution that’s a major concern these days. But to get the most out of uPVC doors and windows, you need to purchase them from experienced manufacturers and dealers. The experts will provide you with the best uPVC solutions for a hassle-free experience. Also Read: Why You Should Choose Noise Proof uPVC Doors and Windows

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  1. uPVC windows are weather proof windows and even a single water drop can't enter your house. During the last monsoon season, I buy them to prevent my house from entering the rain into my house and they played their role very role.

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