Grill Mesh System

Koemmerling Grill and Mesh Window
Grill & Mesh Casement Window, this uniquely engineered casement window provides your extra layer of security against burglars and prevent insect’s intrusion with the help of inbuilt grill and mesh. Now you can be relaxed and enjoy the breezy wind by opening glass sashes without worrying about any insect intrusion by keeping the inside sash having fly mesh, closed. The inbuilt grill provides and extra security feature apart from multi locking, so you can rest assured about the safety of your home.


  • Appropriate option for Burglar-proof system with inbuilt metal grill and mosquito net
  • Both sashes have strong locking system to enhance security
  • Profiles with 6 chambers give excellent insulation
  • Frame with 3 strong galvanized steel reinforcement
Koemmerling Grill and Mesh Window

Technical Information