uPVC Windows Sikkim

Koemmerling in Sikkim offers high-quality, durable, low-maintenance uPVC windows and doors. You can depend on our channel partners to customize these windows to match your home design and decor.

What do we offer in Sikkim?

Our strong network of channel partners across India are carefully screened to uphold our brand name and reputation. You can trust them to help you find the right solutions for your home or office.
Let us look at some of the advantages of our uPVC doors and windows.

A style for every unique requirement

Our uPVC windows and doors offering in Sikkim includes Casement Windows and doors, Grill and Mesh Casement window, Sliding Windows and doors, Top Hung Window, Tilt and Turn Window, Lift & Slide Door, Slide and Fold Door. Colour choices include white, grey and wood grain. Whether it is for the bedroom, lobby, study, bathroom, and kitchen, there is a window for every room of your home or office.

The many advantages of our solutions

These windows are subjected to extensive weatherability testing. The manufacturing process is tailored to match the UV radiation, temperature, etc. They provide insulation and soundproofing too. Our frames are designed to be strong and burglar-proof. Steel reinforcements are used wherever necessary to give these windows a more structural sense and rigidity.

Trustworthy quality and partners

The raw materials used to make uPVC windows are of the highest quality. Additionally, we screen our partners before appointing them. This ensures that our reputation as a leading German brand is upheld

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