uPVC Windows And uPVC Doors Manufacturers In Nepal

Koemmerling, a well-renowned and much sought brand for its high-quality uPVC windows and doors. The German brand is not only a leading manufacturer and installer of uPVC window doors, but is also focused on delivering a superior experience. It is a one-stop solution for builders, architects, interior designer and homeowners not willing to compromise on quality.

What does Koemmerling offer in Nepal?

Koemmerling offers a wide range of uPVC window and door systems in Nepal.

The products offered in Nepal are:

uPVC Windows

  •  uPVC Casement Windows
    Maintenace-free, hard wearing material that can be customised to any height or width.
  •  Sliding Windows
    Two or more frames slide horizontally on tracks and are perfect for home looking for space economy.
  •  Tilt and Turn Windows
    Modern home love this smart and stylish windows that combines versatility and secures ventilation.
  •  Top Hung Windows
    The windows that pivot on hinges mounted on a side can be used independently or in combination with other windows.
  •  Grill Mesh System
    It is a perfect burglar-proof window system created with metal grill and mosquitoe net.

uPVC Doors

  •  Casement Door
    Add charm and character with casement doors featuring multipoint locking, solid hinges, and laminated/toughened glasses.
  •  Lift & Slide Door
    The space saving lift and slide doors have a stand-out convenience feature – simple movement of heavy and large doors.
  •  Slide & Fold Door
    Enhance the overall appearance of your home, hotel or restaurant with door frames that can be folded to save space.
  •  Sliding Doors
    Two or more frames slide horizontally left to right on tracks and are perfect for home requiring space economy

Eco-friendly Material That Lasts a Long Time

uPVC is naturally a thermal insulator and windows and doors made with this material further offer efficient insulation as it prevents cool or hot air from entering or escaping the room. Therefore, this excellent material reduces dependency on heaters during the cold weather and on air conditioners during the hot weather.

Koemmerling uPVC windows and doors in Nepal are truly eco-friendly as it is 100% recyclable and lead free. It allows these materials to last a long time, thereby, making them an eco-friendly option.

These windows and doors are easier to maintain than their counterparts. They will continue to look good even after enduring harsh weather conditions.

A team of experts

Koemmerling, in Nepal is backed by a team of experts who are trained to deliver the German experience focusing on precision and perfection.

Unlike local fabricators, our team fabricates uPVC windows and doors to fit perfectly in every space without gaps. We have the expertise to turn your home into a haven where you can relax with comfort, and without any worry of wind, water or snow seeping through.

One-stop solution for all requirements

Brand Koemmerling offers customise solutions to meet the exacting and unique requirements of your interiors and exteriors. You can count on us for building as well as renovating official spaces, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, schools, residences and more.

Each product is designed with the German efficiency and precision that delivered ensures that both interiors and exteriors exude elegance. uPVC windows and doors are much better than traditional wood windows and doors as they will not warp. It ensures stronger systems to protect you from the harsh summers and winters.

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