Casement Window Benefits to Your Home

Casement Window Benefits to Your Home

Windows not only add aesthetic value to interiors and exteriors but also are critical in many other points. They are pivotal in preventing any unauthorized entry, they allow your house to breathe and let natural light pass through.

Types of Windows

It is therefore paramount to comprehend the type of window you install in your house. Various types of windows available are – Single-Hung Window, Double Hung Window, Awning Windows, Sliding Window and Casement Windows.

The best window option is the uPVC Casement Windows. These windows are hinged windows and can be operated by turning a crank. They can be hinged on either left or right side and they open outward.

Advantages You get with Casement Windows

Following are the Benefits of uPVC Casement Windows in India

1. Safety: Locking system of Casement Windows is designed in such a way that breaking through them is impossible. Unlike Single or Double Hung windows, the locks are incorporated in the frame making them hard to break.

2. Ventilation: Casement windows allow the breeze to enter the room as they open in acute angles towards the outside. In case any other window type, e.g. Double or Single hung window the air is forced to enter at right angles which is not possible.

Casement windows, therefore, allow complete ventilation.

3. Low Maintenance: The uPVC Casement window in India are easy to clean and are low maintenance in nature. They can be clean with simple cloth.

4. Energy Efficient: They get completely sealed once closed making them air tight. That also makes them energy efficient as they do not allow warm to get outside and extreme weather conditions to enter inside.

5. Less Muntin: The dividing strips, usually found in hung windows, are lowest in uPVC Casement windows allow full outside view and add aesthetic value.

6. Customized: They are available in various shapes sizes colours, are light in weight, hence easy install, are trendy, corrosion free, do not swell, and are weather resistant.

With so many beneficial features there are no reasons left for you not to install one. Also keeping in mind that these window types best suit areas which are either populated or are windy, it is advised to install uPVC Casement window in India.

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