Profine Invests Strategically in Serbia

As part of its strategically aligned growth, profine Group has acquired a 600,000 square meter property in Serbia.

The site is logistically advantageous between the capital Belgrade and Novi Sad, the country’s second largest city.

In perspective, a new production site for the group is to be built there, which will serve as a hub for south-eastern Europe. The site will gradual-ly be designed for a capacity of at least 50,000 tons.

In addition, a large photovoltaic system is planned on an adjacent site, which can supply environmentally friendly electricity both for the com-pany’s own needs and for interested local partners.

For Dr. Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of the profine Group, the project is about sending a clear signal to customers and a strategic investment for the challenges of tomorrow:

“The new location is a trend-setting step for the growth of our company. Decentralized production means increased service for our customers and contributes to our focus on sustainability. We manufacture our pro-files where they are needed and thus save significantly on transport. With the photovoltaic system, we also supply sustainable energy.”