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Colour Options


Colour Options

Focus on aesthetics

Modern windows. Unique in form, colour and function. Today’s builders and renovators value functional aesthetics. Accordingly, modern window forms are just as varied and diverse as a building’s architecture or the individual lifestyle. Koemmerling window & door systems give you the maximum freedom of choice. Woodgrain finish bestows a friendly, natural and aesthetic look to buildings, which looks and feels like natural wood. On the other hand Grey colour laminate give your interior/ exterior modern look and can easily blend with the modern architecture of your building colour combination. Combine these high quality surface structures to your personal taste and style: woodgrain or grey on the inside and outside, or woodgrain/ grey on the inside and neutral white on the outside – for windows that are designed to blend into the interior as well. Koemmerling window systems give you the freedom of choice for your window profiles: Choose from classical white or range of woodgrain and grey laminates.All surfaces are extremely weather resistant, ultra-impact resistant and scratchproof, and easy to clean.
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The timelessly elegant classic – smooth, glossy surfaces with durable visual appeal.

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Woodgrain laminates

Woodgrain finish bestows very special and aesthetic looks to a building and an ideal visual affect. The vivid woodgrain structure looks and feels like natural wood.

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Grey & Black colour laminates

A wealth of colours present a convincing marriage of elegant smooth or structured surface and a pleasant feel.

What is the best color for uPVC window frames?

The best color for uPVC window frames depends on the aesthetics of your home.

  • White colour provides timelessly elegant classic – smooth, glossy surfaces with a long lasting visual appeal.
  • Woodgrain is friendly, natural and aesthetic;
  • Grey color gives a modern look and can easily blend with the building’s modern architecture.

Choose a colour that suits your personal taste and style.

Can I buy coloured uPVC windows & how much will they cost?

Yes, you can buy coloured uPVC windows and choose from a wide range of options in laminates, colours, designs, frames and more. We are here to help you build something that suits your needs.

Do colored uPVC windows fade?

Coloured uPVC windows have a uPVC profile with lamination of colour. Hence, it is not like a coating of colour on your windows. Therefore ,coloured uPVC doors do not fade as plastic coloured or wood colours do. However, you can prevent discolouration by cleaning it regularly with a damp cloth instead of using harsh chemicals.

How long do coloured uPVC windows last?

Coloured uPVC windows last as long as non-coloured uPVC windows do. Koemmerling is a German brand committed to bringing the highest quality of windows and doors to its customers. Hence, you can be assured of the durability and longevity of our coloured windows.

How many colour options have Koemmerling?

Koemmerling provides three very interesting colour options for its customers – these are grey, woodgrain and white. Windows and doors in all three colours are weather resistance, scratch-proof, and ultra-impact resistant.

How much does it cost to install coloured uPVC windows and doors?

The cost to install coloured uPVC windows and doors depends on the size and type. To know the exact cost, we suggest you visit the nearest Koemmerling channel partner. They will help with the measurement and cost of the window and door.